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Products And Services:

Sweet Milk and Lavender Bud Facial by Farmaesthetics® (The Kosmein)

Natural, organic, and earth friendly, this facial is a treat for the senses and healthy for the skin. Kosmein offers this facial at an exceptional rate of $65.00 (Suggested value $100.00)

Wilma Schumann® Basic Customized Facials (The Aphrodite)

The Wilma Schumann line of facials are known for their proven immediate results. These facials are customized for your individual skin care needs. Kosmein offers these facials at $75.00

Referral Rewards Program:

If you are interested in the referral program, ask us on your next visit. To show you how much Kosmein appreciates your business, we allow you to gain credit for any referrals who schedule appointments with us.

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